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What's the history of St@rtup?

Glad you asked.


With nearly 40% of the US population predicted to be freelancing or working as independent contractors by 2020, coworking spaces are redefining how we get shit done.

These spaces reduce distractions you encounter at home or the coffee shop, boost productivity, spark creativity and foster a diverse, driven community.

We take the philosophy of WE > ME so strongly that we made it our mission. That’s why st@rtup was founded in 2013: to facilitate innovation in the local entrepreneurial scene and create a hub of growth and collaboration in the capital city. 


We started modestly, with an office of 3,000 square feet located at 1519 N 3rd Street in the heart of Midtown, the brainchild of Adam Porter (left) and Adam Brackbill (center.) Three years later, having outgrown our space, we moved to the newly remodeled, state of the art facility in the historic Moose Lodge building in just blocks from the Capitol complex, with more than double the space – tripling our capacity. During this move, we brought on Tori Yardsley (right) to manage the space and day to day operations.

We are beyond grateful for the community support we have received, and it strengthens our determination to continue investing in our city.