It's 2019 - the future of work is coworking. 

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What is St@rtup? 

We're a coworking space. If you aren't familiar with that term, you're not alone! At it's core, a coworking space is a resource sharing office with a heavy emphasis on creating community with other driven individuals. Why do these spaces exist? 

The way we work is changing. 40% of the workforce is predicted to be freelancing or working remotely by 2020, and that's not a new trend. We've been shifting away from traditional offices for awhile now - but now what?

Humans are social creatures, and we seek out spaces where we can work around other humans: the coffee shop, the bookstore, the market. And these spaces are great - most of the time - but they can come with disadvantages to your business or work: are you purchasing enough coffee to be a conscientious coffeeshop camper? Is the wifi down? Do you know too many people to be productive? Where do you print out your client proposal? You've gotta be really good friends with the barista to get a report printed alongside your double Americano.

Coworking spaces combine the physical resources you need to do what you do, and connect you with a supportive community of diverse workers. From the remote worker to the small business owner, you'll find others who understand what it's like to show up at work 100% because they're self-motivated to do what they're doing. 

Who is coworking for? 

Coworking is ideal for folks who conduct most of their business online, over the phone or on location. We have a variety of industries represented here at St@rtup, ranging from video production to social work but we do have some limitations: we're not a good match for campaign offices, telemarketers, or tradesfolk. 


Why Cowork?

Coworking gets you all of the best parts of having an office without any of the inconvenience. Forget leases - this is a subscription based service, just like Netflix!  Instead of enabling procrastination, however, this one gets you a sleek, professional environment designed to cut back on distractions and help you find a better work life balance. 

Interested in trying it out? Your first week is $50. 

Ok, but beyond the community, What do you get? 

The community is the most important thing we facilitate here, but here are some nuts and bolts: 

  • 24/7 Secured Access

  • Business Grade Internet

  • Flexible Work Solutions

  • Phone Booths for privacy

  • Bookable Meeting and Conference Rooms

  • Mail Service

  • Great location - just blocks from the Capitol complex

  • Parking

  • Copy/Faxing/Scanning

  • Kitchen stocked with Water, Coffee, Tea and Beer

  • Access to member exclusives, like access to the expertise and tools at The Foundry Makerspace, reciprocal membership benefits at coworking spaces across the country and discounts with various organizations.



We're at 922 N 3rd Street in Harrisburg, PA. Harrisburg has a wide array of dining and recreation options within walking distance, including the Broad Street Market, The Millworks, Midtown Cinema and the Midtown Scholar bookstore amongst many others. We have easy access to the river and are conveniently located just 2 blocks from the Capitol complex. 

Join Today 

All of our memberships start the same way - you pay $50 for your first week. This gives you a chance to try out the space and see how you like it - if you and coworking are a good match, you can apply that $50 to the cost of your first monthly membership. Ready to try it out?